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sms notifications

Receive SMS Alerts on the Go

When activated, you will receive SMS alerts about new tasks as soon as they are created. No need to wait till you check your emails.

SMS Notifications are perfect:

  • Unlike emails which sometimes land in your spam folder, SMS messages are always in the right place so you never miss that big opportunity.
  • With emails, you need the internet. With SMS, all you need is your phone.

Submit Bids Using SMS Messages.

In addition to receiving SMS alerts, you can also bid for tasks via SMS messages

By bidding using SMS messages

  • You bid instantly and may catch the task creator online and initiate a conversation
  • Stay on top of the list of bidders. When several bids are received, bid creators hardly scroll down
  • Same network charge as sending a regular text message no extra charges

Full Flexibility. Control the SMS You Receive

Each SMS alert you receive cost ₦30, so we give you the flexibility to specify the type of tasks you need alerts about.

  • You can specify based on location, budget and category of the task.
  • You can also specify maximum amount you want to spend on SMS Alerts

An Excellent Investment.

An investment of ₦30 per SMS is an excellent business move. Winning just one ₦50,000 project, pays for this investment over and over again.

This ₦30 investment is cheaper than almost any other marketing cost you incur to grow your business or market your skills. If you are a job seeker, it is cheaper than the transportation cost to submit your resume.