These Short Videos Explain the Idea.

I want something Done (Person A)

1 Create Errand, Task or Project

If you have something in mind that needs to get done, the first step after creating a profile is to create an entry that describes the details of what you need. You can create an errand, a task or a project depending on the complexity of what you need.

2 Recieve Multiple Bids & Quotes

As soon as your entry from step 1 is approved, other users of justfrom5k who signified interest in the category of your entry will immediately be alerted and they will start submitting thier bids

3 Review Profiles and Select Winner

After multiple bids have been recieved, you can review the profiles of each bidder and then make a selection to see the contact details of the bidders

I am Available to Render a Service (Person B)

1 Create Profile and Select Category

By creating a profile and selecting a category of interest, you have positioned yourself to always be notified when person A is searching for someone with your skillset.

2 Recieve Alerts via Email

As soon as an approved errand is created in a category matching your selections in step 1, you will immediately be notified via email.

3 Place a Bid or Quotation

After recieving an alert, you must then submit a bid containing an amount for which you are ready to meet the needs of person A. After placing your bid person A will contact you directly if your bid is the winning one.

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