Nigeria: The Rise Of Mini Jobs And The True Meaning Of Work Life Balance

There is a popular saying that no one on his deathbed ever looks back with wistful longing and wishes that he or she had spent some more time at the office. The wishes are usually in the line of of 'I wish I had spent more time with family' or "I wish that I had spent mire time travelling and ejoying the sights and sounds and cuisines and culture of the world and its people.

In the high strung world of capitalism and blind even though we know we will regret toiling away in offices trying to build up the dreams of others we do it anyway. Why? Because of the security it presents, because there us a dearth of opportunity. Because life if hard.

What if there was a way for you to balance your livelihood with your passions? What if there was a way for you to write that novel, or take up photography, or even travel around the countryside or West african region without worrying about your livelihood, or permits for leave and worrying about job security, taking total ownership of yourself to enable you live the fullest life possible.

Mini jobs and freelance endeavours is that way. In the west the UK and the USA there is a growing movement of millenials awakening to the truth that there is more to life than shiny things who are accelerating the adoption of freelancing. The freedom to work hard in earnest for a few months in the year and take the year off enjoying life's passions and coming back and still having an abundance of opportunities to make money. is bringing that opportunity to Nigerians. With an abundance of opportunity and new tasks included everyday you can work when you want and how often you want, take time off to be with family, or travel the country or chase a long life passion.

That is the true definition of freedom. That is the only true means to a truly balanced work life.

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