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A couple of questions you may be asking yourself are “When did Justfrom5k Start?” How long have they been in existence? “These are excellent and valid questions, and the answer is simple, we started on the 18th of May 2015!

We are a brand new exciting start up. We are young and vibrant, we have a lot to learn, but above all we are flexible!

Our concept is a simple one...connect people who are in need of almost any kind of service (basic, complex or high tech) with people who can provide such services. One of our differentiating factors is the bidding process. We allow almost anyone compete to render services to you! Yes it is a free market!
So you have questions, but we have ours too. Have you been enjoying the services we provide? Have you won bids and actually executed the tasks? Was the communication channel we provided to you effective? Did you feel comfortable of paying the people working for you directly or would you prefer that we interfere in the payment process? Do you think we need an escrow service? Would you have loved to pay you instead of the person you are working for paying you?

How easy was it for you to navigate our platform? Where you able to quickly and easily find the information you need?

Yes we have a lot of questions...and we really need your feedback!

So drop a comment on this post and tell us what you think? OR Send an email to [email protected] If you like us to call you so you can really share your opinion then send us a mail saying “Call Me” or just drop a comment here saying “Call Me”.

Thanks a million, your feedback matters!

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Ogeyi Ebinyi Jul 14, 2015

Thank You For This Post Please Call Me

Sep 28, 2015

Call Me

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