What Is Freelancing And Who Is A Freelancer?

Please can you guys give me a job? How do I Join and what next? Are the jobs here real?

These are just three of several questions we at Justfrom5k.com are asked repeatedly and regularly. Besides the obvious situation that a lot of Nigerians are in need of jobs, these questions also point to the realization that a lot of people are still in doubt about what Freelancing really is and who is a freelancer.

A freelancer is someone who performs tasks, usually for multiple clients over a short period of time. The freelancer is a free agent. He or she will sell his/her services to as many people that are willing to pay. As a freelancer you may choose to be full time or part time. It all depends on your schedule and how long you feel it will take you to complete the tasks you win.

One big difference between being a freelancer and being an employee is that you have complete flexibility to choose the tasks you will do or not do. More often than not, you get to do things the way you like as long as it meets the needs of your clients. Simply put, you are your own boss!

The process of doing all this is calling freelancing.

So on Justfrom5k.com, we give freelancers a platform to find tasks they will like to perform. Anyone can browse through the list of tasks on Justfrom5k and place a bid. Whether you get to win the bid or not is dependent on the quality of your bid it lies in the hands of the person that created the task and not in the hands of Justfrom5k.com

So as a Freelancer, can Justfrom5k.com give you a job directly? No, but we give you a platform to put your skills to use.

How do you join? Just sign up and start searching for tasks that you can do.

Are the jobs real? Yes they are. Every task is screen before approval. If one or two fake ones fall through the cracks, we take it down as soon as we realize it.

So start bidding...and good luck!

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