While manning our recently launched customer service chat this past week I had an interesting conversation with one of our visitors, a newcomer to this site who was in need of a little assistance on the site. After putting him through on how he could register and use the site to get tasks and errands done around his home he thanked me effusively. And then as though on second thought threw a final question at me.

‘Please is this site owned by Indians?’

An interesting question no doubt, a bit far out there but yet when you think about it not really out of line.

See there is precedent for this question.

We take a look around now at some of the most successful businesses and franchises in operation today in Nigeria and you’re more than likely to spot more than a few foreign names on their certificate of incorporation. Not just online but also brick and mortar organisations. The top three departmental stores in Lagos are foreign owned.

But there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s the capitalist way. There is free entry and exit into the markets. That freedom is the lifeblood of most economies. Plus if we’re honest there’s something about the knowledge of foreign ownership of a business that puts your mind at ease.
Now we can debate whether it’s the foreigners’ track record of successful entrepreneurship or the locals’ track record of messing things up that has caused this trend but one thing is certain.

It’s a perspective that needs to change.

Now I would never advocate engaging nationalist sentiment in your day to day life and in your interactions with all the vendors and service providers you call upon from time to time. Never. In fact I’m of the opinion that that hurts us all. Our economy is big enough for all players. Competition is good. Foreign and local based, the more the merrier. Keeps everyone on their toes, drives up quality, and drives down cost and benefits us the consumers.

However when you do come upon a native-owned organization doing good work, an eatery with outstanding customer service, or an online retailer with excellent returns policy…Please give them your trust. Give them your support. Don’t judge them based on the shortcomings of other organizations you may have encountered in the past. And let your trust be theirs to break.
And when they meet and exceed your expectations, shout it out. Come back and be a regular. Refer a friend. Say a thank you to the person that attended to you. Ask to speak to the manager and commend him also.

Trust me. It goes a long way.

And above all. Never be ashamed to rep Naija products and Naija services. Leave the horror stories in the past. We are writing new ones. A lot of young Nigerians are doing exciting things. We should support them.
And to answer the question. Yes. is indeed 100% Naija owned.
The visitor when I told him this was so pleased and promised to spread the word. That was a most fulfilling experience for me.

So now I turn to you.

Come along, join us on this amazing Naija story as we change lives and alter perspectives.

And don’t forget to invite a friend.
In fact. Invite two.

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