Two Not So Obvious Scenarios Where Justfrom5k Comes Handy

Besides being the best at what we do, there are also some not so obvious reasons why people keep coming to for their errands, tasks and projects. Some are very obvious but some are not that obvious. Here are two scenarios where you can tap from the information that Justfrom5k can offer you.

1. Getting the True Market Price:
On many occasions, Nigerians are unable to personally source for items or services they need. Sometimes it is because they live outside the country and must rely on family and friends to tell them the current price of various items or simply because their busy schedule makes it impossible for them to personally do their market research. The impact of this inability to personally enquire about the going rates of good and services puts them in a position where in several occasions they find themselves paying way above the market rate and over bloated service charges.
This is one scenario where excels. By creating an errand on, one can easily get independent sources to determine the market price of goods and services.

2. Benefit of Competition and Negotiation
It is no secret that when people realize that they face competition, they usually position themselves to win. This winning mentality more often than not drives down the price of services. By making your requests known on Justfrom5k, you automatically stand to benefit from the thousands of registered users who will compete to deliver quality service to you. So even if you already have a quote for a service, the bids or quotes you get from Justfrom5k will definitely be a good negotiation tool for you. At a minimum you can always request for a discount because you have proof that you can get it cheaper from somewhere else.

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Elijah Jaybee Jul 25, 2015

Good Post

Elijah Jaybee Jul 25, 2015

Good Post.

henry nzedigwe Aug 05, 2015

Onokpite Elvis Aug 13, 2015

This Is Truly A Good Site

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