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Maximizing Your Opportunities

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Maximizing Your Opportunities

Hello house,

Been a while since we interacted in this space and so first of all let’s Say Happy New year to all our members.

We’ve been behind the scenes, working to make sure that you our loyal subscribers get the most utility from To start off the New Year we will like to share a few tips with you guys on how to maximize your opportunities and swell your income.

Verification. The importance of verification of your profile on cannot be overemphasised. As a peer to peer business and like any other business that puts you in contact with strangers who are willing to provide a certain service or have you provide a certain service for them trust becomes a key issue. With verification of at least three of the various criteria we use in establishing your authenticity (phone numbers, drivers license and passport). The verification of these will help to bump up your credibility rating and will make other site users feel more comfortable in hiring you for jobs posted on the site. Remember 100% verification is the aim. Go above and beyond to ensure you are not excluded from the best opportunities

Be Flexible: A lot of the jobs posted within the site have minimal skill requirements and so you have a wide range of opportunities available to you to earn money. Remember that sometimes it might not be all about the money. Bidding and successfully executing several small jobs over time builds your credibility rating as a part of your rating comes from user reviews. With a portfolio of small successful jobs under your belt and a high credibility rating you stand a higher chance of being successfully picked for the more lucrative jobs that come up on offer.

Improve your skill set, expand your horizons. Only the dead stop learning. As long as we are alive, living is a continuous process of learning and intellectual growth. Learn to adapt to the market. If you find a lot of graphic design skills are in demand take a few weeks off to brush up on your skills. Web design or WordPress and BlogSpot management? There are a plethora of online resources you will find that will help you brush up on your skills. Practice your research and writing skills so you can bid you social media writing and school project jobs. Do what it takes to ensure you remain relevant to the market even as it changes.

Finally we are always open to suggestions at as to how we may successfully improve your experience and serve you better in this new year. Hit us up on our chat or send us an email.

Remember, don’t stop growing. And never stop winning.

Have a blessed year.
The JustFrom5k Team.

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